Firewood Electric Stove Wooden Charging Stove Outdoor Electric Stove Camping Stove BBQ Stove

Product Description:Product NameFirewood-fired Power Stove Wood Rechargeable stove Outdoor Electric Stove Camping Stove BBQ Grill TypeCamp StoveTEG StovePortable Rocket StoveBackpacking StoveHousehold CookstoveTender StoveRocket StoveWood Gas StoveHousehold Heating StovePellet StoveHydro Pellet StoveBiomass StoveOutput Powe

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Product Description:
Product NameFirewood-fired Power Stove Wood Rechargeable stove Outdoor Electric Stove Camping Stove BBQ Grill 
TypeCamp Stove
  • TEG Stove
  • Portable Rocket Stove
  • Backpacking Stove
Household Cookstove
  • Tender Stove
  • Rocket Stove
  • Wood Gas Stove
Household Heating Stove
  • Pellet Stove
  • Hydro Pellet Stove
  • Biomass Stove
Output Power10Watts
Output Voltag5 VDC from a USB port
Maximum Temperature450 °C (Hot surface) for generator
Dimension Size386 mm *386 mm*325 mm
WeightAbout 5.2 kg
Instructions In Use1>. Open the air control valve in side of the stove to get the air flow into combustion chamber from the holes in the bottom of stove.
2>. Use like wasted paper or kerosene, butane, oil or small wood sticks and others easy burning stuffs to ignite, and add small dry woods in beginning to have the flame going large. And after, you can start to put briquettes or wood chips or biomass into stove for cooking. Please do not add too much fuel in one time, and add a bit while by while for well burning.
3>. You can adjust the air control valve to control the flame easily, or close for slow cooking.
4>. You will see the cooling fan of the generator start running after around 2 minutes of cooking. You can enjoy the electricity only when the fan is running in full speed..
Notes(1) Please aware the hot of the stove outer casing. Do not touch while in use.
(2) After 5 minutes the stove is lighted, please check if the fan starts to rotate. If you do not see the fan running, Please stop and check.
Packing List(1) 10 W biomass stove with a thermoelectric power generator
(2) 5VDC USB

 The invention and application of electric power set off the second high tide of industrialization and became one of the three scientific and technological revolutions in human history since the 18th century. Since then, science and technology have changed people's lives, and having adequate power supply has become the basis for people to enjoy modern civilized life.

 However, nowadays, in many countries and regions, due to various reasons, the construction of power infrastructure is seriously lagging behind, and many remote and undeveloped areas do not have effective power supply.

 At present, in order to solve the problem of power supply for people in areas lacking basic power supply, there are many solutions on the market, such as diesel power generation, solar photovoltaic, photothermal power generation and so on, but the prices are too expensive for people in underdeveloped areas to bear their high prices. Solar power generation and other schemes are not only expensive, but also affected by cloudy, rainy and dark days. They can not generate electricity uninterruptedly and have greater limitations in use.

The product is cheap and has a variety of fuels. It can be solid fuels such as wood or honeycomb coal. When honeycomb coal is used as fuel, a great deal of wood can be saved and the environment can be protected from being destroyed. Compared with wood and other fuels, honeycomb coal has the characteristics of stable calorific value and long duration.

The well-designed heat conducting mechanism with independent intellectual property rights can make the thermal energy generated by honeycomb coal combustion uniformly and continuously act on the thermal power generating sheet. The special water-cooled heat dissipation mode and structure can quickly take away the excess thermal energy, and the generated electric energy can be supplied to the battery for charging and using 100%. Because there is no fan cooling method to cool down, it does not consume any valuable electric energy, power generation efficiency is not wasted, power generation efficiency is 100%! ___________ And can meet 24 hours and long-term uninterrupted use, not subject to any environmental constraints! Actual use with load can send up to 12V1A or more electric energy!

CNRM series coal-fired thermal power plant products meet the basic living needs of users, such as water-burning, cooking and so on. At the same time, the remaining thermal energy generated by coal-fired combustion is converted into electric energy and stored, bringing a ray of light to people in areas lacking electric power supply for a long night!

CNRM series coal-fired thermal power generation furnaces are high-tech products which integrate optoelectronic technology, thermoelectric conversion technology, electronic control technology and environmental protection technology. This product uses waste heat from coal fires to generate electricity. It is energy-saving, environmental protection, low price and economical to use. It is the basic daily necessities for people in areas lacking basic power supply and power shortage.

CNRM coal-fired thermal power plant has a bright future!
CNRM coal-fired thermal power plant has the foundation of connecting the world!
With CNRM coal-fired thermal power plant, we have a convenient and rich cultural life brought about by modern civilization.

Firewood-Fired Power Stove Wood Rechargeable Stove Outdoor Electric Stove Camping Stove BBQ Grill


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